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Welcome to FPA – the number one Odoo Accounting partner in Germany! If you use Odoo as your ERP system but don’t have time for accounting, we are the right partner for you. As a certified Odoo Accounting partner, we have been taking care of our customers’ individual accounting processes throughout Germany for years.

Let us advise you individually on how you can concentrate on your core business while we take care of your Odoo Accounting efficiently, transparently and reliably.

Discover our expertise in Odoo Accounting!

Our colleagues are professionals in Odoo Accounting and all associated processes. We have been supporting customers in Germany since version Odoo 8 and ensure the secure and data protection-compliant operation of their Odoo systems.

Regardless of whether you need support in the daily business within your Odoo system or are facing challenges in the Odoo configuration – with FPA you will find your reliable Odoo Accounting partner.

Your Commercial Accounting Specialist

Tailored financial accounting with Odoo

Our experienced accountants specialise in ensuring that your financial transactions are accurately recorded, classified and promptly posted in the Odoo Accounting app.

What makes us unique? Our passion for implementing and using Odoo. With Odoo Accounting, we can take your commercial accounting to a new level by optimising it and giving you a real-time overview of your finances.

Rely on our expertise to make your accounting seamless and efficient. Find out how Odoo can revolutionise your business processes – contact us today for a personal consultation!

What features does Odoo Accounting offer?

The Odoo Accounting app is a comprehensive accounting solution that offers a variety of features and tools to efficiently manage your organisation’s financial processes. The main features and functions of the Odoo Accounting module include:

The strength of Odoo Accounting lies in its ease of use, flexibility and ability to seamlessly integrate accounting with other business processes. It provides companies with a holistic platform for managing their financial processes.


Find out more about frequently asked questions about our accounting services.

Odoo Accounting is a module of the powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software Odoo. The module focuses on the efficient management and optimisation of financial processes in companies and offers comprehensive options, such as the recording, classification and prompt booking of financial transactions. Odoo Accounting is easy to use, flexible and can be integrated with other Odoo modules. With this solution, companies get a real-time overview of their finances and can seamlessly integrate their accounting processes into their business workflows.

The basis for using the Odoo Accounting module is an Odoo system. The basic steps for an Odoo implementation are

  1. Analysing the specific processes and functions that are important for your company.
  2. deploying the Odoo platform: We recommend Odoo integration with the help of an experienced Odoo partner in order to exploit the full potential of the ERP system. FPA itself is not an Odoo implementation but an Odoo accounting partner. However, we have been working successfully with our partner manaTec for years and are happy to make the initial contact for you. If your focus is on Odoo accounting, we will be happy to advise you on your implementation and migration projects.
  3. configuration and customisation: In many Odoo modules, but especially in Odoo Accounting, system configuration is a crucial success factor. In addition to general company data, the correct chart of accounts, currencies, tax rates and cost centres, for example, must be configured before the system is used, in order to adapt the software optimally to your work processes.
  4. data migration: In most cases, you will be migrating from another accounting software to Odoo. We have all the necessary tools and processes to ensure a smooth migration. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you migrate your financial data to Odoo.
  5. training: When implementing Odoo, we recommend that each customer provides all future users with comprehensive training on the system so that your team is familiar with the features and operation of Odoo accounting. Odoo provides a number of training videos and documentation for this purpose. However, we are also happy to conduct individual Odoo accounting training courses on your premises or remotely.
  6. Before your Odoo goes live, extensive testing is required to ensure that all system processes function correctly and meet your individual requirements.
  7. after successful implementation and testing, you can go live with Odoo and Odoo accounting in your company.

Please contact us for more detailed instructions and support.

Odoo offers a number of useful training videos and documentation. In addition, being the first choice Odoo accounting partner in Germany, we are happy to provide customised Odoo accounting training, either on-site or remotely, to ensure that your Odoo users are fully familiar with the features and operation of Odoo Accounting.

We also offer our customers the option of having our experienced Odoo accounting experts directly take over the accounting processes in their own Odoo system.

Yes, Odoo Accounting is flexible and offers the possibility of integration with other accounting software solutions, such as DATEV. Odoo supports data exchange in various formats and interfaces, which allows for seamless integration. This allows you to continue to use your existing accounting systems while benefiting from the comprehensive features of Odoo Accounting. If you have any questions about integration or specific requirements, we are happy to provide our expertise and support.

Yes, Odoo Accounting is highly customisable and offers a wide range of options to meet individual company requirements. From customising the chart of accounts to integrating specific reporting requirements, Odoo allows companies to tailor the accounting module to their needs. The flexible configuration options make it possible to adapt processes and ensure that the software is used in the best possible way to meet your company’s individual requirements. If required, we are happy to assist you with the customisation to ensure that Odoo Accounting is perfectly aligned with your business needs.

Odoo offers different licensing models. In addition to a cloud version hosted by Odoo, you have the option of hosting the system on your own servers. This allows you to take all the necessary measures to comply with the data protection and compliance rules that apply to you. 

When you use the cloud version, you leave the security of your financial data to Odoo, and this is Odoo’s top priority. Odoo uses industry-leading security standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. The platform offers advanced access controls, data encryption and regular security updates. Odoo uses proven security mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access and implements best practices for data protection and compliance.

In both scenarios, customising access rights within your individual Odoo system allows you to precisely control who can access which financial data.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to provide you with detailed information about Odoo’s security architecture.

Yes, Odoo Accounting is extremely versatile and can easily handle different currencies. The software offers comprehensive functions for managing transactions in different currencies. You can easily configure currencies, perform foreign currency transactions and always get accurate conversions.

This feature is particularly useful for companies that operate internationally or work with customers and suppliers in different countries. Odoo Accounting ensures accurate and efficient handling of financial data, regardless of the currency.

If you have any further questions or need help setting up foreign currency transactions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to get Odoo accounting right?

Do you want to get Odoo accounting right?

Whether for initial configuration, integration of Odoo interfaces or in daily business – FPA is your Odoo accounting partner. Get in touch with us!

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