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Outsourcing your payroll to FPA makes payroll an efficient and smooth process for you and your employees. We offer system-independent payroll services that draw on our extensive expertise. You can rely on us for accurate and timely processing that reduces your administrative burden and increases employee satisfaction.

Free yourself from the administrative hassle and focus on your core business with FPA.

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As an ISO 9001-certified accounting service provider with over 20 years’ experience of providing payroll services to clients of all sizes and across a wide range of industries, we can provide transparent, compliant yet flexible payroll services. Don’t waste valuable time and resources on complex payroll administration.

Payroll Processing
From €14.75

Let us take care of your monthly, hourly-based payroll – no matter how many employees you have.

We guarantee precise compliance with all legal regulations (e.g. the German Federal Data Protection Act – BDSG, GDPR and applicable German collective agreements), as well as the timely submission of official reports and pension and travel expense accounting.

Salary Processing
From €13.75

Put your trust in our comprehensive payroll services – for accurate and compliant processing of your employees’ salaries, benefits, and tax deductions.

With over 20 years’ experience, you can rest assured that all legal requirements are met and your employees are paid on time.

Payroll Accounting

We can help you set up your digital accounting structures. Whether you work with Excel or specialized accounting systems, FPA can take over your payroll processes in the shortest possible time.

We are also happy to help you set up individual systems, be it with DATEV, Odoo or other accounting software.

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In a no-obligation initial consultation, we will work with you to clarify the framework of your payroll requirements.


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We can take over your payroll processes, even at short notice – saving you time and resources.

Expert Payroll Accounting

Reliable And Compliant Payroll Accounting

Expert Payroll Accounting

Reliable And Compliant Payroll Accounting

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Leave all aspects of your payroll to us.
Our team of experts will help you focus on what matters most – growing your business.

CASE STUDY: Payroll Accounting For manaTec

For more than four years, we have been processing the monthly payroll for the 25 employees of manaTec GmbH, a dynamic IT start-up. With the company’s strong growth, the internal processing of payroll quickly became a time-consuming and complex challenge.

Within just two weeks, we migrated the entire payroll system to DATEV Lodas and have since taken over the administration of the company pension scheme and the processing of travel expenses. Our support has enabled manaTec to concentrate fully on its core business and further growth.

With our expertise in payroll, we ensure that companies like manaTec can focus on what matters most: Innovation and growth.

Gerald Unger

CEO, ARTS Holding SE

“FPA-Services hat nicht nur unsere Finanzprozesse digitalisiert, sondern auch komplett übernommen. Ich schätze die langjährige verlässliche Zusammenarbeit und den Fakt, dass wir uns auf unser Tagesgeschäft konzentrieren können.”

Christoph Lehmann

CEO, manaTec GmbH

“Mit FPA-Services pflegen wir seit Unternehmensbestehen ein bilaterales partnerschaftliches Kunden- und Lieferantenverhältnis. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Leistung und können die FPA nur weiterempfehlen.”

Jenna Ballard

VP Marketing, Wico

“When we needed help to manage the strategy and rollout of a complex marketing plan, Lunno turned out to be the perfect partner.”


Find out more about frequently asked questions about our outsourcing payroll services.

No, the terms payroll accounting and payroll processing are often used synonymously, but unfortunately this is technically incorrect as payroll accounting includes both payroll processing and salary processing.

Employees whose pay is based on actual hours worked receive a wage. In addition to the hourly wage, the payslip usually includes bonuses for overtime, weekend and holiday work, for example. Taxes, social security contributions, pension contributions, health and unemployment insurance, trade union contributions, company pension contributions and other items such as meal vouchers or company cars are then deducted from this gross wage. This is how net wage is calculated. This form of payroll is usually based on a time sheet, which is analysed by the payroll clerk in the light of the employment contract, the collective agreement and any shift schedules.

Salary accounting, on the other hand, usually concerns employees with a fixed salary who receive regular payment regardless of their actual hours worked. The salary is often paid monthly and usually remains constant unless there are changes in the employment contract or agreements with the employer. Salaried employees generally do not receive any bonuses per hour, unless these are expressly granted by individual employment contracts, collective agreements or statutory provisions as well as company agreements.

Preparing a correct payroll requires accuracy, care and an understanding of employment law, legislation and tax regulations, collective agreements and individual employment contract provisions. 

In order to prepare a payroll statement concerning wages, it is necessary to evaluate the working hours recorded for the payroll period for each employee, taking into account any overtime, holidays, sick days, etc. that may have accrued. In order to arrive at the gross salary, any additional time for which the employee is eligible, such as weekend or holiday work, as well as bonuses, special payments and commissions, must be taken into account. In a salary statement, the gross salary is calculated on the basis of the remuneration agreed in the employment contract. Any bonuses, commissions and individual agreements must also be taken into account.

To calculate net pay, taxes, social security, health insurance, pension insurance and other statutory contributions, as well as voluntary deductions (contributions to company pension schemes or trade union dues) must be calculated and deducted.

In the final step, a detailed payroll document is created, containing all relevant information such as gross wage/salary, deductions, net wage/salary, payroll period and tax information. If required, the payroll document can be supplemented with additional information, such as the display of total, taken and remaining leave days.

FPA also manages staff data maintenance in the requested system for its clients. We submit necessary official notifications such as employment certificates to employment offices, the social security fund for artists, levy for severely disabled individuals, statistical notifications, and remuneration notices. Additionally, we handle employee registration and deregistration with their respective health insurance funds, and answer any employee queries.

In compliance with Section 108 of the German Industrial Code (GewO), it is a legal obligation for employers in Germany to furnish employees with payslips in textual format. Nonetheless, this directive does not mandate the issuance of paper payslips. A digital payslip conforms to the German legal requirement of text form. However, the employee’s prior consent for the electronic dissemination of the payslip holds paramount significance. A judgment by the Hamm Regional Labor Court dated 23.09.2021 (Ref.: 2 Sa 179/21) endorses this strategy.

Adopting digital payroll accounting has several benefits. It streamlines internal procedures, enhances the company’s productivity, and enables staff to access their pay records online from anywhere at any time. The digital employee file stores all past payslips, saving time and reducing the burden on the HR department.

The content requirements for the details of a digital payslip align with those for the traditional paper payslip in Germany. In compliance with Section 1 of the Remuneration Certification Order, these details must be included: employer’s name and address, as well as employee’s name, address, date of birth, tax class, tax ID, employment start and, if applicable, end dates, and payroll period. In addition, it is necessary to list all pertinent details concerning wage composition. These shall include, but not be limited to:

  • gross wage/salary,
  • Cash benefits / benefits in kind,
  • capital-forming benefits, 
  • contributions to the company pension scheme,
  • tax allowances,
  • church tax deductions,
  • employee social security contributions,
  • personal deductions,
  • expense allowances, 
  • the final amount paid out.

As an employer, it is crucial to consider some key points when making a retrospective correction to the payroll. Assuming the correction complies with the relevant employment law provisions and tax regulations, it is advisable to first analyse the cause of the error that prompted the correction. This could include miscalculations regarding working hours, allowances, or deductions. Depending on the country, it’s important to consider the timeframe for corrections, as various countries have strict deadlines for them.

Along with internal paperwork, it’s necessary to notify the affected employee regarding the payroll correction. For utmost transparency, always elucidate the cause for the correction. If the correction affects an employee’s salary or social security contributions, it is important to obtain their consent before making the necessary changes.

Additionally, it is essential to adhere to statutory reporting obligations, such as tax or social security reports, and ensure that the corrected data is submitted to the relevant authorities in a timely and proper manner.

If the correction affects the employee’s taxation, adjust the remuneration statement accordingly and ensure that the payroll system or accounting software accurately reflects the changes to prevent future errors.

Evaluate your internal procedures to reduce the likelihood of similar errors and improve payroll accuracy.

If you wish to avoid performing these payroll correction tasks, consider outsourcing your payroll processes to FPA. In addition to preparing your payslips, we handle necessary corrections and communication with your employees, authorities and public bodies.

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